Sorry I Haven’t Posted in a While!

Honest moment: My family has been super supportive of my dream finally coming true. Another surprise is all the love I’ve gotten from people I’ve never met on IG and WordPress. The biggest surprise, actually I saw this coming are the friends that dropped off, criticized, or just plain hated on what I’ve been doing. And what have I done since this started happening months ago you ask??? Not a damn thing! Lol I showed them the door. And I’ve smiled right on through it. 😉 When your destiny is finally realized and you’ve worked HARD for it expect the haters. Expect people to fall out of your life that shouldn’t be there in the first place. Eventually your circle will change. If you can’t find a single person in your pool that thinks like you, wants more like you, or is positive -then it’s time to clean it out. Your pool is contaminated. Photo by: moultryphotography #tuesdayvibes #tuesdaymotivation #wordsofwisdom #successmindset #success #motivation #inspiration #supportsmallbusinesses #love #relationships #keeppressingon #keephustling

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