How to Build a Personal Brand

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The world seems to be on pause. The way we used to engage, and network seemed to change overnight. Now, you have built and develop your brand solely online. When you think of brands, images of things like breakfast cereals, cars, cell phones among other things splashed across social media and television probably come to mind. You may also think of household names such as Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres, and Mark Zuckerberg. These people are their own enterprises. Celebrities have a loud presence and are front and center of every media outlet globally. It may be difficult to consider yourself in the category of personal branding with all the noise and saturation in the media.

Although it may be hard to realize, but you are a brand. You are your own personal brand. So, what exactly is a personal brand? A personal brand is your own voice behind your product or service. Whether you’re trying to obtain a new job or start a business, building a personal brand is essential. It is getting your name out there in a way that stands out among the people you are trying to work with or sell to.

Business is about people. You may have the skills and education to obtain a new position, but ultimately, people hire people they have a good rapport with. We buy products and services from people we like.

Building a personal brand can be done by using many outlets thanks to social media. By using Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, you can set and control the tone of how you’d like to be portrayed. The best way to utilize social media is by selecting two social media platforms and learning the most effective ways to use them.

Before you begin putting messages on social media, decide what you’re going to say every day. Create a social media calendar so you’re never short on content. Decide if your tone will be business oriented or more personable. It’s best to decide early on how much you’re planning to share. There is a line between being relatable and putting too much of your personal life online.

When trying to build an audience and create buzz, consider using following online platforms:






Facebook communities

Blogs are a great way of developing dialogue, engaging, and building a community. Your readers will be able to understand your voice. When you’re creating a social media calendar, it helps to also include a content calendar for your blog. Post positive, enriching content full of helpful advice. Make sure your content is carefully drafted to include a “call to action.” Your readers should be intrigued and excited for each post.

A personal website should be your own virtual business card. If you’re a creative, such as a graphic designer or writer, your portfolio as well as all your contact information needs to be on your website. A lot of industry leaders won’t even consider you unless you have a website.

Online personal branding is key to reaching people on a larger scale, but your community still needs your physical presence. It can’t be solely online. For example, is social media networking platform that hosts thousands of events for people with the same interests personally and professionally.

You can establish yourself as an expert in your field by teaching a class through your local community education center. These centers are available in most states. You can teach for one hour, a week, or several weeks. The centers normally work around your schedule.

The main objective of personal branding is staying on track. Here are some tips for not losing momentum:

Stay Consistent

Set your schedule for weekly posts or daily posts. Posting on a regular basis keeps you connected to your audience.

Ask for Endorsements/Testimonials:

If your peers are confident in your potential, and they’re satisfied with your services and products, ask them to endorse you on LinkedIn, or provide a testimonial for your website.

Pay it Forward

When you begin getting followers or likes on your social media, show your gratitude by liking and commenting on their posts. Interact with other bloggers by guest posting for them. This shows your audience you are connecting with them and building a community – not just trying to be well known.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed because what you have to say has been said already 1,000 times, that is normal. There are so many people with so many messages online it can appear you have nothing to contribute. Say it anyway because no one can put things into words the way you can.

Your voice is unique, and if you think the world can’t use your input – think again.

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