Social Distancing & Hitting Writing Target

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Hello World. This week is winding down, and I’m almost at the end of week 3 of working from home. There has been a change of weather here where I live. Last weekend, it was almost 80 degrees, and then the temperature dropped. I had gotten used to the warmer weather, so I started to turn on the air conditioning at night. I had the air on during a night the temperature dropped, and I woke up achy and with a sore throat. Naturally, I threw all sensibility out the window, and started panicking. I made a vow that I would never enter another store just in case I was getting a cold. I ordered my groceries online using Walmart’s grocery pickup website. I had never done that before. The location I picked up from was the only one available that day, and it was about 25 minutes from where I currently live. The pickup order was delayed over 2 hours. It was getting dark, and I didn’t want to be out late because the weather was getting cooler. I decided to go to the pickup area, and just wait. I waited and waited. I finally went in and bought my groceries. I was freaking out again because the people in this town were not practicing social distancing AT ALL. I ended up only getting about 70% of what I needed.

When I arrived home, I got an email from Walmart stating my online pickup order was canceled, and the money would be refunded. I realize these little annoyances are nothing compared to what other people are going through. I’m very grateful that I’m not in a bad situation right now. I always stay humble and try to remember things could be worse, and they have been much, much, MUCH worse. The lack of social distancing is what I’d like to discuss.

I live in the south, and it’s filled with warm, friendly people for the most part. The practice of social distancing is hard anyway living in the south. I have my own personal space, and I’m constantly guarding it. Whether I’m in line at the grocery store or a gas station, people seem to be right up on me. They’re so close sometimes, it’s like they’re breathing on me. I have to cut my eyes at them when they stand too close, but they never get the hint. Since social distancing has become vital for health reasons, it’s amazing to me that I’m still getting odd looks when I’m in the store, and I immediately stand 6ft away from people. I ignore them and look the other way because I know we have to for health reasons. I care about the health of others just as much as I care about my own. I know it’s hard not being able to stand next to people and strike up a conversation. I went for a walk yesterday to get out of the house, and met a nice older gentleman walking his dog. I could tell he was lonely, so I spoke to him while keeping a safe distance from him. We all must play our part in fighting this dreadful illness, so please keep a healthy distance if you have to go to any public place. If you don’t have to be out, please stay home.

Now, I’m going to climb down off my soapbox and talk about something a little more interesting. If you’ve been reading my posts, you’ll know in early 2020, I announced I was going to write a thriller. I had written about 5,000 words of this very gripping tale of secrets and lies, and how they’re uncovered. I’m not going to go into detail about it because I am still planning to flesh out the first draft. As I was writing this piece, ideas of a totally different genre kept coming to mind. I’ve taken enough writing classes to know when ideas come, you must write them down when they’re fresh in your mind. One idea turned into 1 page. Then, I wrote an outline. Then, I ended up writing 6,000 words in one night. I was onto something. The story was unlike anything I’d ever written. The story was also unlike anything I’d ever read or seen on television. It was exciting enough to keep my attention, and real enough that I think anyone could enjoy it. Also, the story is centered around African-American characters that are truly authentic which is rare. The ideas continued to flow, and I ceased every moment.

When you’re a new writer, one of the biggest fears is that your book will not be well received. Another fear is that your book won’t sell. I was hesitant to write for one specific audience. I didn’t want to alienate any other audiences, but this story wouldn’t let go of me. I’ve also been able to continue to write my book even under the stress of dealing with inconsiderate upstairs neighbors that are constantly stomping and making noise, self-isolation, and still working my full-time job from home.

I’m happy to say that I’ve reached a target of 25,000 words!!! This is the most I’ve ever written on one piece as I have the worst case of shiny idea syndrome. I’ve started and stopped nearly 30 projects, so this is a great accomplishment for me.

That’s all I have today folks. The upstairs neighbors are not giving me any peace and quiet this morning, so my brain is started to fry. Thank GOD I only have 4 WEEKS until I move into a hopefully quieter place, so please pray for me.

Until next time, have a safe and happy weekend.







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