Write It! Build It! Create It! Let’s Go!

Today is the last day of my reflection week, and I can’t believe it’s already March! I feel like Christmas was just last week! So if you made New Year’s resolutions, by now you should be marking things off your list right? Let me just say, I don’t really believe in resolutions because they don’t represent a real plan for accomplishing your goals. Resolutions are more like empty promises. The question is: What do you need to do to live your best life this year?

Do you want to start your own business? Write a book? Start a podcast? Learn to cook? Volunteer? Whatever your goals are, time waits for no one. Recently, I watched Marie Forleo’s B-School Anniversary Special on YouTube. Marie Forleo is a motivational speaker, writer, YouTube series host, and creator of an online business training program called B-School.

I’m a big fan of Marie, and she’s said a million times that anyone can accomplish what they want. It was very interesting to see a few members of her alumni telling their stories of where they started before going to B-School, and how they get to live their dreams now. I was watching, but not really paying close attention until this energetic woman started talking. Her name is Melissa Cassera. She was one of the first attendees of B-School, but what caught my attention is she is a screenwriter! I’m an aspiring writer, and was impressed by her story. She is not in her 20’s, she didn’t move to LA on hopes and dreams to become a screenwriter, and writing wasn’t her chosen path initially. She was making a living as a publicist, and had all of this creative energy that needed an outlet. She started writing erotica, then began screenwriting. She sold her first script within a year, and then moved to LA! She is truly living my dream!

I was so impressed by her story because it was realistic. It could happen for anyone! But, then I felt a flood of disappointment come through me. I’m not putting an ounce of effort in obtaining this goal, and nothing has stopped me from doing so. I work full-time, but so did Melissa. Marie even said she held down several odd jobs to pay for her business. The difference between these women and me; is excuses. I’ve made hundreds of excuses why I haven’t written that novel that turned into a script for TV. I don’t have the time. Work is so stressful, I’m too tired to write. I’m going through a lot. I’m not motivated enough to write everyday. Those are just a few of the excuses I’ve used over the years. If you’re like me, and desperately trying to achieve your goals, here are a few tips from one procrastinator to another.

If you’re looking to become a writer, then write. Today, I went to the local Starbucks to write this blog, and met a lady there. We immediately clicked, and began talking as if we were old friends. I told her I’m a writer, and she said she’d love to write her memoir. She said she was nervous about formatting and grammatical errors. I told her to just write, or as I say; bleed on the page. I told her to just writer from her gut, and worry about editing later. I told her the main thing is to put something down. I’ve done these, but you can get around other writers if you’re still a beginner. When you network with people who have the same interests, your goals can feel more real. Join your local writer’s guild, network at coffee shops, and attend coffee-house poetry readings to get your creative juices flowing.

Starting a business is not an overnight task. You may have obligations to your family that keep you from spending your money to start a business. I’m experiencing that as well. My mentor once told me to use my full-time job as a savings account. She advised me to set aside a small amount each pay period to fund my business. You can try saving just a small amount every two weeks or every month. Set it up where this money is immediately deducted from your paycheck, and put into a savings account you don’t have easy access to. The money goes into the account without you seeing it. You can also meet with a business advisor to determine how many months or years of saving your business will require.

Not everyone wants to write a book, or start a business. Perhaps you want to get in shape for summer, or that vacation you’re planning for. Find the exercise plan that works for you. For me, I got into boxing, but I like going to a real boxing trainer. I like that kind of training because I found out, it involves more mental focus than hitting a heavy bag.

Come on People! It’s almost Spring, and soon this year will be memory too, so start now!

Write it, bake it, cook it, sketch it, grow it, but just do it!




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